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Al Wasit Luxury Travel selects the top luxury travel specialists. Every trip is designed with care and our offerings increasingly tailored to meet your demands, thus ensuring that each of your trips is a unique experience.

As specialists in the luxury universe, we have chosen to differentiate ourselves by paying particular attention to our customers’ needs and focusing on the quality, style and elegance required by an upmarket clientel.

From luxury beach holidays to fabulous family holidays, adventure holidays, business trips, private jet charter and unforgettable honeymoon experiences.

Al Wasit Luxury Travel organises your trips applying rigorous selection criteria in terms of comfort, and elegance, charm and style so as to better satisfy and fulfil your wishes. We create with you and for you a trip that is made to measure so that you can enjoy an extra special moment of total relaxation, complete with luxury services.

Al Wasit Luxury Travel invites you to discover exceptional trips and places, with charming villas and Hotels, boat/yacht cruises and trips in private jets.

Journeys as great as the destinations.. Let your soul and spirit fly …

Cities Tours

Discover the true Moroccan culture During our private tour guide in the most beautiful cities.
Enjoy the rich history and beautiful historic Monument of Morocco by taking a Private Tour to some of the most astonishing sights our country has to offer with the help of our Experts

Romantic Breaks

Morocco is full of classic the perfect backdrops to a romantic break. Surprise your special someone with a romantic weekend break designed just for the two of you in the perfect romantic getaway and historic manors or sprawling Moroccan countryside.

Business Travel

You go through a lot to make each business trip a success?! Let us help Plannifie for you, your business trips, start to finish, because every business trip is important to your bottom line.
Our expert Concierge are available 24/7 to help you book, re-book, answer questions, even navigate around weather or other unexpected events